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The new Falls and Fractures Clinic at Nepean Hospital helps to curb the rising incidence of falls injury among the elderly – one of the most significant health care issues facing our rapidly ageing community. 

No other single injury cause cost the health system more than falls injury. In fact, hospitalisation rates of older people due to falls have risen over the past 10 years and the associated costs are projected to rise rapidly over the coming decades.The Falls and Fractures Clinic, an initiative of the Discipline of Geriatric Medicine at Sydney Medical School-Nepean Campus and the Department of Geriatric Medicine at Nepean Hospital, under the guidance of Professor Gustavo Duque, is expected to have a significant impact on the reduction of fall injuries among older people in the western Sydney community.

The clinic allows a multidisciplinary team of health specialists to work together to identify older adults at high risk of falls and fractures and to implement appropriate interventions. The Falls and Fractures Clinic is composed of two elements: an outpatients clinic and in-hospital assessment.  The outpatient clinic assesses patients with osteoporosis and/or falls.  Based on the level of risk, a multidisciplinary team of specialists develops a care plan. Patients are usually referred to the clinic from different settings including GPs in the community, orthopaedic/geriatrics wards and the emergency department.

The in-hospital assessment component utilises the expertise of Nepean Hospital’s Department of Geriatric Medicine in providing care to patients with minimal trauma fractures. The falls and fracture program continues with the same system of assessment and follow up.  Patients with minimal trauma fractures are assessed by our in-hospital Fracture Care Coordinator who recommends a patient's assessment at the oupatients’ clinic at week six post-discharge from the hospital/rehab centre. 

At the Clinic, patients are assessed for balance and gait using the most advanced equipment available.  Our equipment includes a Balance Rehabilitation Unit (BRU), a system not only for the assessment of balance, but also for balance rehabilitation, one of the main goals of the clinic. The clinic also features a gait assessment unit known as GAITRite - the best and most advanced system for the assessment of gait in elderly patients.’

Our Clinic responds to NSW Health’s `The Management Policy to Reduce Fall Injury Among Older People’, which presents a state-wide collaborative framework to address the magnitude of fall-related injury involving older people in NSW.

Our Hours
Tuesdays (patients assessments)
9:00am - 4pm
Mondays (balance re-training)
9am - 12pm
Thursdays (balance re-training)
9 am - 12 pm